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Welcome to my Wellist registry. I am sharing my list of support services so you know the types of things I need to make my life easier. Thanks for visiting. 


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Savor Health
meal delivery
$$$ | Discounted for Wellist users

Savor Health provides meals to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

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Mom’s Meals 
meal delivery
$$$ | National Service 

Mom’s Meals provides weekly or biweekly shipments of 7 to 21 meals to individuals, caregivers and more. They offer a variety of condition specific meals including some for cancer patients. 

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$$$ | National Service 

GoGoGrandparent utilizes on-demand transportation services like Lyft and Uber for seniors and their families by calling a central phone number to book a ride. Family members will get text updates with the status of their loved one’s ride. 

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What is Wellist?

Wellist is a patient program provided by [Referrer] to help patients and their family find reliable support in their neighborhood that are specific to their treatment center, diagnosis, age, preferences, and other unique circumstances. The program can also connect patients to reliable health information as well as online tools to coordinate help from family and friends. Wellist is free to use and resources include free, discounted and self-pay options.

What types of resources are on the platform?

[Referrer] staff input guided Wellist’s development of more than 15 types of support, including transportation, pharmacy delivery, behavioral health services, financial assistance and more. Within these categories, each vendor has been vetted against the highest quality standards. While many of the services are free, covered by insurance or discounted, others may require an out-of-pocket fee. Wellist does not directly provide these services. Patients must book directly with vendors to use services. Vendors are chosen based on quality; they do not pay to be featured on Wellist.

How does Wellist select the services?

Wellist has worked with [Referrer] to establish quality and satisfaction standards for all vendors accessible through the service. We vet each service provider on an ongoing basis against these standards. 

How much do these services cost?

Patients will find a mix of free, discounted, and self-pay offerings on Wellist. If they do not find a resource that meets their needs, our concierge team can offer a personal search to see if there is another option that might be available. 

What's the best way to offer support?

If the patient share this support plan with you, you can help order and pay for the services they need most directly from the vendor, or you can contribute monetarily via PayPal. Each contribution goes directly into a PayPal account linked to the patient's email address. Wellist does not take a fee.